About Us

About Us

LRS India Nidhi Limited is one of the vertical of LRS GROUP OF COMPANIES form in the year 2019 with a view towards financial viability and sustainability of its member.LRS India Nidhi Limited is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, CIN is U65999MN2019PLC013930, providing all kinds of financial products like Saving Account, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit and Term Deposits, with attractive interest rates and competitive tenure.

Mission & Vision

To create the awareness about saving and value of money to all groups of people so that they can improved their life by financial enablement & empowerment.

To protect and cherish the interests of all our stakeholder by providing transparent customer friendly financial products and solutions. through exemplary customer service.

To build and sustain long-term generational relationships with our customers and provide satisfaction through efficient, professional and courteous services.

To create an employment with loyalty, reliability and hard work.

To improve the habit of savings amongst its members through various Schemes and Ideas, receiving deposits from and lending to its members only for their mutual benefit so that they can achieve their short term and long term financial goals.

To become the most appreciated and chosen financial services company in Manipur for our customers.

To attain highest professional & ethical standards in our Conduct.

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Our Company LRS India Nidhi Limited
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